I’m pretty sure that’s what happened….

Teen Wolf Hitlist (so far)



It’s in order of how much one’s worth from high to low.

Bold names = characters we know
Red = dead


  • Names that aren’t on the list (yet): Malia, Peter and Liam

  • Scott still is “The hot girl” with 25M behind his name (It’s not really fun to be the hot girl in…

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"I don’t know why we’re going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field."
"Because an entire pack of aphas went after McCall and he was the one left standing."

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2x05 / 4x05

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What did they call it?

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Teen Wolf + Social Media

       ↳McCall Pack as various celebrities


“You make your own family.  You make your own destiny.  And there is nothing you cannot change if you are completely committed to it.  And I am. I am completely committed to it.  And it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.  The address has changed and my life has changed.  I can do this.

FANGIRL CHALLENGE ➝ five shows ➝ Bunheads

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my heart explodes when i see this wonderful guys together ♥ (>ω<*)ノ

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so youre telling me this blind kidimage

turned out to be such a badass iconimage

had two or more anonymous lovers???image

and had two amazing daughters????image

 Toph did pretty good


i got it from my mama


that’s what i call character growth

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